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Top Reasons for Investing in a Robotic Abrasive Machine

As a facility manager or contractor, you always seek for ways of reducing waste, increasing worker safety, and lower costs on abrasive blasting projects. You cannot go wrong with a robotic abrasive blasting machine. Robotic blasting allows for high productivity, precise control, and lesser abrasive media consumption unlike the manual blasting. Moreover, robotic abrasive blasting is safer than manual blasting. Keep reading to know why you need a robotic abrasive blasting machine.

First of all, there is blast pattern consistency. One of the main reasons for choosing a robotic abrasive blasting machine is the blast pattern and speed consistency. Machines can attain a near flawless overlap between every pass of the nozzle, getting rid of the waste of over blasting that is very common with manual blasting. According to the American vice-president of Sponge-Jet, one can set the blast speed and pattern remotely at the start of a blast session, and it won’t change. Robotic abrasive blasting with sponge media does away with fatigue elements like movement of the blasting contractor as he gets weary or loses concentration to give out equivalent outcomes throughout the period of the session.

The second reason why you should consider a robotic abrasive blasting machine is that it is faster. Just like anything else in the world of today, abrasive blasting is also concerned with economics. When you compare the speed of a robotic abrasive blasting machine against that of a manual one, it is eight times faster. This saves money, manpower, and time a manual abrasive blasting machine uses. And putting into consideration the high quality and consistent outcomes you will attain with a robotic abrasive blasting machine, you do not intend to sacrifice speed over excellence.

Increased worker safety is another reason why you need a robotic abrasive blasting machine. In recent times, restricted space entrance has gotten popular as one of the primary reasons workers are dying. A robotic abrasive blasting machine is generally operated remotely out of the blasting area. This signifies that employees are not in a restricted area during the blasting work, permitting for more safety overall. Cameras put on robotic blasting machines give operators control over the blast speed and pattern without being in a confined space or directly in the pipe. It is also very safe to clean as well as profile surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and floors with robotic machines. Robotic abrasive blasting in these surfaces remove employees from scaffolding and staging, lowering fall risks. When employees trade blast nozzles for control panels, the risk of injuries is greatly reduced.

Lastly, there’s the benefit of industry and project versatility. Robotic blasting is used in many industries like building restoration and rehabilitation, petrochemical, hydroelectric penstocks, marine, oil and gas, and waste water. Robotic abrasive blasting can be performed nearly everywhere there’s a heavy-duty duct or pipe work in any major industrial plant. Generally, the robots can blast substrates like duct work, concrete, and cast iron. Pipes, floors, walls, ceilings, and tanks can get abrasive blasted with robotic machines.

Getting Down To Basics with

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